#130: Laura Roeder on Growing Edgar from Social Media Side Project to $1 Million in One Year


About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Laura Roeder, the social media marketing consultant turned founder of Edgar—a social media management tool for small businesses that exploded onto the scene, disrupting the industry with their signature feature that allows you to re-promote your existing content (rather than just scheduling a single update at a time).

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Laura attended the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 2005—the year before Twitter was launched—and began her work in social media, focusing more on teaching businesses how to use Facebook’s new pages to build an audience and attract customers.

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After 7 years of building her social media business from a blog to include consulting, client work, webinars and digital products like courses and eBooks, Laura and her husband—a web developer by trade—teamed up to build a product that’d automate much of the manual advice she’d been teaching her clients when it comes to maximizing the re-promotion opportunities with every piece of content. That’s when Edgar was born.

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In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

02:31 Where Laura is originally from.

03:30 Her years at university.

05:04 What social media was like back then.

05:48 How Twitter was being used in it’s early days.

06:37 When she started her own social media marketing business.

08:46 About her first training product.

10:14 How she delivered course material back then.

11:22 What made her decide to build Edgar.

14:15 How long it took to have an MVP for Edgar ready.

28:32 The best investment she’s ever made in order to grow her business.

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